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Chiropractors Racine Bring Health

With more than a half-century of combined chiropractic knowledge, Chiropractors Dr. Fisher and Dr. Algrim focus on providing specific, advanced care to patients who need it most.

Feel Your Best at
Algrim-Fisher Chiropractic Office

Get to know our chiropractorsHave you ever wondered what you can do to reduce stress and improve the function of your body, naturally? With chiropractic care, it’s entirely possible. At Algrim-Fisher Chiropractic Office, our Racine chiropractors Dr. Fisher and Dr. Algrim believe that you and your family deserve to live a happy, healthy life, and we can help you achieve it.

50 Years of Combined Experience

Chiropractors Dr. Fisher and Dr. Algrim are proud to join forces and share their knowledge and expertise with the community by crafting unique care plans for each individual patient. Having more than a half-century of chiropractic experience, we’re certain we can help you feel better than ever before.

With us, you’ll always get the specific care and attention that you deserve.

Why Choose Chiropractic?

Did you know that chiropractic care is a safe and effective modality for patients of all ages, from the youngest member of your brood to seniors? We happily offer several different adjusting styles and various therapies including ultrasound, kinesotaping, and exercise recommendations for your specific needs.

Dr. Fisher and Dr. Algrim specialize in various chiropractic-adjusting styles, including Diversified, Thompson Drop Table, Gonstead and Activator Technique. While many patients choose chiropractic care to help manage or alleviate back pain, it’s benefits can go far beyond pain relief and into vastly improving your quality of life.